Benefits of Hemp For Dogs

Benefits of Hemp For Dogs

Holistic dog care is on the rise as more and more devoted dog owners are equipping themselves with all the knowledge and know-how to improve and maintain their dogs overall health through natural remedies and supplements. Whilst there’s a long list of magical superfoods you can feed to your dog, one ingredient in particular getting tails wagging at the moment is hemp.

What is hemp?

When you think of hemp, you might think of marijuana. Hemp and marijuana are not the same, although they are different varieties of the same plant species. Whilst we humans traditionally use marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes, hemp is widely used for food, paper and body care products.

You might be wondering where your dog comes into this. Just as many dog owners have turned to CBD based products to manage their dogs various health conditions, hemp is commonly used as a nutritional supplement. And don’t worry - it has absolutely no mind-altering psychoactive effects. With masses of rich nutrients, hemp has proven its amazing health benefits and has become a popular ingredient amongst holistic dog health enthusiasts.

Why is hemp good for dogs?

Without getting too far into the science, hemp is packed with beneficial properties. Hemp seeds are considered to be a complete protein source, meaning that they contain every single amino acid, which is a pretty big feat! Over the years it has been proven to support your pets’ overall wellness; we’re talking healthy skin, soft shiny coats, hip and joint health, heart health and a strong immune system.

So many dogs struggle with allergies, poor mobility, digestive issues or skin problems and although you should always seek advice from a vet if you’re worried about anything in particular, hemp is just one of the natural, holistic ingredients out there that can improve your dog’s day-to-day health and wellbeing.

Hemp in dog toys

If you’re interested in incorporating hemp into your dogs daily routine, why stop at supplements? Alongside oils and tasty treats, you can also treat your dog to hemp based dog toys.

Hemp rope is a natural material that makes for the perfect tuggy toy. This is because hemp sheds in short length fibres which are easy to digest in small amounts (unlike things like cotton and other synthetics), so you don’t have to worry about your dog consuming any nasties. It’s also great for massaging your dog's gums and keeping teeth strong and healthy.

As well as boasting natural health benefits, hemp rope is also sustainable. No herbicides, pesticides or chemicals are required in the growing process, it requires very little water to grow compared to cotton and it returns 60-70% of the nutrients it takes from the soil. Many dog owners are becoming increasingly eco-conscious and aware of their dog’s carbon footprint. If this is something you’re passionate about too, check out our range of sustainable dog products that never compromise on care, but are a little kinder to the planet.

The holistic and sustainable movement amongst dog owners is only becoming more popular as people take the time to learn and discover what they can feed and expose their dogs to that will promote a long and happy life. All we want is for our dogs to be healthy and hemp is just one of many natural ingredients you can try out to ensure that their overall wellness is as good as it gets.

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